Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jalan-jalan cari makan!!

Last week we went to Sg Petani for a gig, but being the food fiend that I am, I've already planned a raid on some of the nice food places that I remembered from my last trip there, so here we go!

Day One - 17th October 2009

Went out from KL around 9am, stopped at Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh for breakfast (sorry, I forgot to bring out the camera, too hungry, hehe) and ate some Nasi Lemak (aka fragrant coconut milk rice). Nothing fancy, but I did have to take about 3 toilet breaks on the highway as a result of the sambal!!

Arrived in Sg Petani at 2pm and had lunch at the venue (provided by the organisers), so our initial plan of having lunch at this fantastic Mee Goreng (aka fried noodles) had to be shelved. Our set went pretty well, and the Sg Petani kids rawked!

Night came, so we went straight for my next target, a stall in Sg Petani selling Nasi Lemak Bungkus for just RM0.50 each, and this includes Nasi Lemak Ayam! Unfortunately, the shop was not open that night, so we went for whatever nasi lemak stall we could find, and found one selling Nasi Lemak Bungkus for RM1.00 (again, forgot to bring camera, too hungry, ahahaha!).

Finished the night by going to a Fun Fair and got ourselves some burgers after that to end the night (I know, we kinda eat a lot don't we? Hehehe).

Day Two - 18th October 2009

Finally, we got the chance to go to the fabulous Mee Goreng place I was talking about (it's opposite the old bus station), and just look at our happy faces!

Waiting impatiently for our orders....

Mee Goreng + Pasembur - they actually pour some Pasembur sauce on top of the Mee Goreng! Niceeeee

The cooks...

Happy customers...

Happy customers + cooks giving the thumbs up!!

After filling our stomachs nicely with the Mee Goreng + Pasembur as breakfast in Sg Petani, we then started our journey back to Kuala Lumpur, but not before we stop in Ipoh first for lunch at the infamous Nasi Ganja!!

Welcome to Hollywood... oops, Ipoh!!

Kedai yang muhibbah...

The infamous Nasi Ganja (aka Cannabis Rice... LOL)

Happy faces about to consume some ganja man...

I am ganja-ed!

I am ganja-ed too, you're next uncle!

The shop sign

Look ma, NO GLOVES!! And he's the one putting the food on our plates. So that's why it's gooooooood, hehehehe. I heart you, uncle!!

We arrived safely in KL around 5pm, with our stomachs nicely full. Moral of the story? Selalulah jalan-jalan cari makan okay geng? Melancong dalam negeri pun ada bestnya, makan! Hehehe.



  1. Where exactly is this Nasi Ganja in Ipoh? haha

  2. It's on Jalan Yang Kalsom, near the police station...

  3. perghh..
    lama gile aku tak makan nasi ganja tu..

  4. wahh g ipoh x ajak.. ngahaha ;D

    sedap ke nasi 2?

  5. nasik ganja..wanggey!must eat in ipoh.
    my father always eats der.but me... no-no.