Monday, September 28, 2009

Couple plays The Beatles - this Friday night!!

This Friday, 2nd October 2009, we'll be playing a Beatles tribute gig at Bar Sonic @ Zouk KL, organised by our pals Twilight Actiongirl, to commemorate the release of the new The Beatles remasters CDs that's been bankrupting sooo many people worldwide (especially those hunting for the Mono boxset, which I failed to pre-order from Amazon 'cause it sold out so fast).

After deciding on which songs to play (trust me, it's not easy, there's just so many essential Beatles songs out there, and being the incompetent musician that I am, I obviously can't play them all), it's just remarkable how weird the chords are, yet how memorable the songs are, even for the seemingly 'simple' ones.

I just watched High Fidelity again recently and was again reminded that making a live setlist is actually not that different from making a mixtape. There's an actual art to it. In The Beatles' case, what DO we play? Hey Jude? Yesterday? I Wanna Hold Your Hand? Let It Be? Come Together? Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds? All You Need Is Love? Yellow Submarine? Seriously, the list is endless.

I've always been kinda opposed to doing what's obvious. Like when I'm sure everyone was expecting us to just rehash the formula in Top Of The Pop, I decided to make a naughtier, punkier album with Teenage Disc Fantastic, just like how Top Of The Pop was way different than what people expected from us after hearing our Turning Melancholy To Magic and Telegrams From The Heart EPs.

As for the songs I listed above? They're kind of obvious as Beatles classics, aren't they? I'm sure you can find a lot of pub bands who do those songs flawlessly around the city, so why should we do them, right? So, what should you expect from our set this coming Friday night? Beatles classics, of course, but not what you'd normally expect, I guess. That, and a whole lot of rock n roll!

See you there then? And of course, do tell all your friends about it!!


p/s: The gig's at Bar Sonic, Zouk KL, Jalan Ampang, this Friday 2nd October 2009 @ 10pm. Entry before 10pm is free (I think, or maybe it's RM20, not so sure, hehe), but do come early cause we'll be playing first and after that TAG will be spinning as much Beatles tunes as they can think of.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pop Tak Masuk Radio!

As some of you might already know, we've just finished recording the songs for our next album, which will be called "Pop Tak Masuk Radio." We've sent the album out to be mixed already, by whom you ask? Well, let's just keep that a secret for the moment, make it a surprise for another post maybe?

Anyways, this time we've asked our good friend Zharif (who did the cover + artwork for Top Of The Pop) to again do the cover + sleeve for this album. Some drafts have already been going back and forth between us since July, and this is in no way the final version for the cover art, but who knows, the way we always change our minds about things, it might even be the actual cover art! Checkidout yo!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mission statement

Hey you kids!

After much deliberation we've decided to start our own blog, separate from our Myspace page's blog so that we can just update whenever we want and how much we want without worrying whether that previous blog containing the lyrics from this or that album would suddenly disappear from view.

So the plan is, with this blog, each and every one from the Couple team can write whatever they want about whatever topic they want whenever they want. Since this is just an intro, we'll keep it short + sweet. Hope you'll enjoy the page!