Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Couple goes acoustic?

Last Friday we did something we've never done before, and something I personally never thought we could actually pull off with any degree of decency, which is to do a full band acoustic set. We've done acoustic sets before, but usually with just minimal instrumentation like just one guitar and one bass, or 2 guitars with no bass, and always with just a tambourine, shaker or a snare drum to keep time.

When you have someone like Yuna also on the bill (whose music is perfectly suited to an acoustic setting) and Stonebay (who are very skilled musicians), it's kinda scary for such rudimentary punks like us to attempt to do our fast songs acoustic. But we went for it anyway. Almost everything was slowed down, and I tried my best to not screw up the solos (the acoustic guitars we borrowed were kinda hard to play, ahahaha).

The stage and lighting was nice, and the ambience was suitably mellow, so we started with Say Hi (which one of our friends said reminded him of the Juno soundtrack when we did it acoustic that night - betul ke ni? Tak mau bodek2 tau... hehehehe), and just worked our way right through the last song, Come Back Again (which we played so slow, another friend asked me if that's a new song! I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not, hehehe).

Anyways, this set should be aired for the new season of Homegrown on 8TV in the near future, so do keep an eye out for it, and yes you can laugh at our screw ups during the set! If any of you readers are from Sg Petani, we're playing there this Saturday 17th October 2009 at 2pm at Carnival Waterpark (next to Cinta Sayang Resort), supporting Hujan for their Mencari Konklusi tour. See you there?

Oh, and last but not least, thanks to Azam Hashim for the photo!



  1. this is going straight to online tv bro. our website is coming out soon www.homegrowntv.com.my

    for the homegrown TV show on 8tv, sabar, tu nanti kitorang buat cantik2 :)

  2. Ohh ye ke, awat tak habaq... baru angan2 nak masuk TV, hehehe

  3. Serious mcm soundtrack Juno. I bukan nak bodek2 u tau... Mancongkam tu kita reschedule balik. Sebagai hos rancangan masakan kau kena rasa jugak. Sumpah lagi tahap klassik daripada Pakkapau!

  4. Terharu I u takde nak bodek2, hehehe. Cepat lah nak Mancongkam, jahat lah u tak balas msg i. Nanti before balik KL bagitau la, I nak pesan DVD dari Singapore...

  5. Ala Sorry la.. kan i told u my phone was rosak. Remember i reply with tweet... gila gedik. ok lah pasti mancongkam.