Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pop Tak Masuk Radio - the story + photos

We're anxiously waiting for the master CD for our new album, Pop Tak Masuk Radio, to arrive from Jakarta, anytime today! Once it arrives we'll surely upload as many songs as possible onto our Myspace + Reverbnation players. I almost got a heart attack earlier today when I checked the package's status on Fedex's website, and saw that it has in fact arrived in Sepang last night, but has somehow made its way to Guangzhou at midnight! Imagine the horror I felt, LOL. But it's now back in Sepang this morning, so I'm feeling much better now, hehe.

As you may already know, this is going to be our first all-Malay album, and to make things even more interesting for us, we've decided to record at one of the oldest studios in Malaysia at King Musical Industries in PJ, a studio now called The Red Room, run by our old friend Reza (of the band Saturnine). It was a great, fun experience for all of us, but we'll let the photos tell the story:

Vintage looking mixing board, always a good sign...

King Shahrin marveling at the vintage drumkit

Macam best je...

Pretty picture of a Hammond organ... ooops I meant Ariana!

Stop taking our photos lah!

Tense look after botching another damn take!

Sikit lagi bro, sikit lagi pusing...

Hensem la tu kononnya... hehehe

Kasi lagi feel beb...

Acoustic guitars are HARD to play!!

We finished recording before Raya this year, and then sent the album to be mixed and mastered by talented Indonesian hero, J. Vanco (who's done albums by Efek Rumah Kaca, Sore, Vox, Annemarie and loads more), who's done a great job getting the best out of our usual shambolic performances.

We really can't wait to let you hear the results, so do check out the new tunes which will surely be up this weekend on our Myspace + Reverbnation music players, and do get all your friends to check 'em out too because after all, this is Pop Tak Masuk Radio!!

When will it be out? If all goes well with the pressing plant, we'll start selling the album at the Flyniversary Concert on 14th November at 1 Utama's Central Park Avenue. It's a free show and the CD will cost you only RM10, so do come and be the first to own the new album!