Friday, September 25, 2009

Pop Tak Masuk Radio!

As some of you might already know, we've just finished recording the songs for our next album, which will be called "Pop Tak Masuk Radio." We've sent the album out to be mixed already, by whom you ask? Well, let's just keep that a secret for the moment, make it a surprise for another post maybe?

Anyways, this time we've asked our good friend Zharif (who did the cover + artwork for Top Of The Pop) to again do the cover + sleeve for this album. Some drafts have already been going back and forth between us since July, and this is in no way the final version for the cover art, but who knows, the way we always change our minds about things, it might even be the actual cover art! Checkidout yo!



  1. Kalau tiada aral melintang, plannya nak release bulan November, masa Fly FM Anniversary Concert tu...

  2. What a great band. Fantastic powerpop!!! Thank you for the music.